As Famous Products

It is a goal of the Samjiyon Blueberry Drink Factory to make the blueberry goods famous ones favoured by the people across the country.


To Make Better Products

The Wonsan Footwear Factory is achieving successes in diversifying the products and improving their quality.


Everyone Develops New Products

The Kyongsong Ceramic Factory produces diverse goods of unique shapes and good quality.


A Technician Contributing to the Iron and Steel Production

To further raise the present production capacity of the metallurgical industrial sector


High Enthusiasm for Increased Production

To send more cement to the socialist construction sites


Popular Brass Goods

Brass is not only nice-looking and of excellent workmanship but also good for health.


With a Single Mind

To make all designs and products reflect ardent patriotism of the Korean people and their great pride of being citizens of the DPRK


Permanent Goal and Substantial Changes

There is a well-known factory at the foot of Mt. Ryongak, a scenic spot of Pyongyang.


Active Development and Use of Hydraulic Resources

Korea is very rich in hydraulic resources.


Precious Achievements

They strive to further expand the achievements made in developing and producing more knitted goods.


"Hwanggumnarak"-Trademarked Foodstuffs

"Hwanggumnarak"-trademarked foodstuffs were popular at a number of recent exhibitions including the Pyongyang City Consumer Goods Exhibition.


Benefits from Online Education

The Rangnang Disabled Soldiers' Essential Plastic Goods Factory is one of those units enjoying the benefits of the online education.


Importance Attached to Cooperative Research

A factory attaches importance to the technical cooperation with university.