Plain Instructions

The Sci-Tech Complex should not be a place with stagnant water.


A Story about "Aeguk" Grass

"Aeguk" grass is a high-yielding variety that completely changed the existing conception of feed crop.


A Blessed Woman Table Tennis Player

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un praised the sportspeople flying the national flag by winning international games as genuine patriots, heroes and smarts.


Any Shortcomings Disallowed

The Natural History Museum has been built into a peculiar educational centre and cultural recreation resort for the Korean people.



The state provides all people with dwelling houses free of charge.


Regarding It as the Firm Social Customs to Attach Importance to Talents

One attaching importance to talents and science and technology becomes winner but one neglecting it becomes loser.


Children's Laughter Is the Greatest Strength

We are making revolution, though difficult, to defend the laughter of the children.


Could They Be Called Orphans?

Could They Be Called Orphans?


"Girl-Mother" Remembered by Marshal Kim Jong Un

Jang Jong Hwa has been widely known to the whole country as "girl-mother" rather than as her real name.


Farming Method of Samjiyon Style Should Be Created

On the basis of having a deep understanding and making study of the conditions and characteristics of the region...


Uncompromisable Issue

A brilliant result should be brought about in the work for the people's well-being by all means.


Women Footballers He Greeted in Person

His love was the main source that enabled them to win victory after victory in every match.


Without Any Gloom

A story about a girl at a mountain village in Jaeryong County of South Hwanghae Province


To Show Our Flavour

A structure should be built according to the aesthetic tastes of the people.


A Model Factory

When we have confidence in our strength, we can do anything.


Request He Made at an Orphanage

He visited the Pyongyang Orphanage six times.


A New Street Tells

He spares nothing for the people.


A Story about 15 Minutes

He spent the precious time of 15 minutes to learn in detail about the quality of the sports goods to be used by the people.


The Greatest Happiness

The service personnel of the KPA work hard to build a socialist paradise filled with merry songs and laughter of the people.


Regarding It as the Party Climate to Make Selfless, Devoted Efforts for the Good of the People

He leads the Party officials to come closer to the people and take care of them.


Hard Work Pays Off

Regarding hard work for the people as his pleasure and pride...


Palace of Children

The dreamworld of children is at the children's camp built in Songdowon, a scenic spot on the East Sea of Korea.


Saying It Is a Factory He Attaches Importance to

The dental hygiene products are small but he attaches great importance to the factory as they are used by the people.