Result of Collective Innovations

They are vigorously advancing with their united efforts toward the ideal and target they have set.


Healthy Saplings

The North Hamgyong Provincial Tree Nursery produces saplings needed for afforestation in North Hamgyong Province.


Famous Goods on Increase

To produce goods badly needed for making sports mass-based and part of everyday life


By Raising the Effectiveness of Catfish Feed

They are determined to put the catfish breeding on a scientific footing and thus make a contribution to improving the people's diet.


Patriotic Desire to Take Care of the Green Woods

They do toilsome jobs of their own accord to relieve the country of its trouble rather than seek the comfort of theirs and their families.


A Lot of Fish Caught

Picturing rich table for the people to themselves


With Patriotism

To provide the people with better conditions and environment for cultural and emotional life...


Pioneers of Green Architecture

The protection of the ecological environment gave rise to the "ecological architecture" and "green architecture" in the field of construction.