Children and Tonics

Tonics control the general functions of the human body well and raise the resistance of organism to promote health.


Massage of Insteps Good for Health

Usually, those sitting for office work all day long or the old people with hypertension...


Some Foodstuffs as Good as Insam

Insam is a valuable medicine which is very good for the people of weak constitution to take as a tonic.


Some Hobbies Good for Health

If you want to have sound mind and strong body...


Cartoon Good for Health of the Old People

The cheerful and lively cartoon makes the old people vivacious.


Functional Food--Black Platycodon

Continuous efforts are made to develop a larger number of functional foods conducive to improving the people's health.


Life and Diet

Those who live almost on polished rice...


To Raise One's Immunity

Whenever the season changes, some people catch a cold.


Foods Good for Treatment of Arthritis

It is necessary for an arthritic to eat carrot for breakfast.


In Case of Drinking Hot Water on an Empty Stomach

If you drink a glass of hot water on an empty stomach, your temperature will rise and metabolism be promoted soon.