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Standard of Local Hospitals
  The Samjiyon City Hospital of Ryanggang Province in the northern part of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is regarded as a standard of local hospitals. It was opened in October Juche 109(2020).
  The hospital is fully equipped with up-to-date medical facilities and apparatuses in the internal, surgical, paediatric, obstetrical and gynecological and all other departments. It has established the telemedicine system and put the medical services on an IT footing.
  There are also sickrooms with all necessary conditions, exercise cure room for rehabilitation, playing spaces for children and indoor park.
  When Samjiyon City was being refurbished for four years from 2018, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un paid the greatest concern and attached importance to the construction of the Samjiyon City Hospital.
  In August Juche 107(2018) he gave field guidance to the construction sites in the city and presented the tasks to build the hospital flawlessly.

  Stressing the need to build the hospital as a model, he gave detailed instructions on its designing and construction, medical equipment and training of medical workers.
  Afterwards, too, he called at the construction site several times and took measures for the building of the hospital.
  He frequently learned about the project and sent up-to-date medical equipment and apparatuses, reagents, materials and dental medicines.

  It is the noble intention of Kim Jong Un to build all the local hospitals like the Samjiyon City Hospital and improve their medical treatment, so that the superiority of the public health policy of the Workers' Party of Korea can be displayed everywhere in this country.