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Talented Designer
  Tailor's shops are making diverse seasonal clothes suited to the aesthetic sense of the times since the social interest in the dressing culture is increasing.

  The Chollimagori Tailor's Shop under the Central District General Tailor's Shop is making new styles of clothes with bright and light colours, winning popularity of the people.
  Those elegant clothes suited to the emotion of the people are unthinkable apart from the efforts of its chief Jo Kyong Ae.
  Jo Kyong Ae graduated from the Pyongyang Jang Chol Gu University of Commerce through the study-while-working system and tried to create fresher dress designs.
  She delved into books on garment and made a lot of field etudes in order to have a better understanding of the clothes suited to the aesthetic taste of the times and the emotion of the people, widening her mental horizon. In this course, she came to have her own creative skills.
  Her creative individuality in the dress designs is more clearly manifested in the clothes with light and bright colours.
  Jo Kyong Ae thinks of new styles and decorations of clothes in every sector after analyzing the effect of the quality of cloth and colours on the people according to seasons in various ways.
  A lot of dress designs created by her can be found in the book on dress patterns "Styles of Women's Clothes and Their Designs" people like to read these days.

  Many suit designs she presented are widely used at a number of tailor's shops as they ennoble girls and middle-aged women.
  Jo Kyong Ae says:
  "The 'Women's Clothes Show--2022' gave deep impressions to our women and experts. People are desirous of wearing clothes which are graceful yet bright and gay. We are striving to reflect their desire and the breath of the times on every garment we make."
  Jo Kyong Ae is devoting all her speculation and passion to creating new dress designs which make the people more beautiful.