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To Make All Products Advanced Ones
  The Advanced Technology Development Institute of Kim Il Sung University is one of the units which are steadily improving the quality of products by putting the quality control on a scientific basis.

  The institute is actively upgrading the technology for thoroughly ensuring the quality of products since the update cycle of the IT goods is very fast.
  Official Kim Jong Chol says:
  "To ensure better quality, we are operating the general software quality control system and further improving the quality in the direction of getting the general opinions of users and the demand for it in a real-time way and dealing with them immediately.
  Besides, we are steadily striving to make all the goods developed by the institute advanced IT goods representing our institute and furthermore, our country."
  Some time ago, the December 15 Quality Medal was awarded to two IT goods including the tele-conference system "Ragwon" developed by the institute, which is awarded to the best-quality products in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

  The employees of the institute are still striving to make all the products they develop the advanced ones.