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Narrow Bronze Dagger
  The narrow bronze dagger was generally used by Korean ancestors in the period of Ancient Joson which existed for nearly 3,000 years from the early 30th century B.C.

  Its place of origin is Pyongyang.
  It has narrow blades and its body, hilt and hilt connection are separate to be assembled.  
  The narrow bronze daggers are divided into initial-, mid- and latter-term types.
  Song Chol, Section Chief of the Archaeological Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences, says:
  "Unearthed in the Pyongyang area were several narrow bronze daggers of initial-term type belonging to the period earlier than that of those found in the Liaodong area. And three types of narrow bronze daggers were all discovered in the Pyongyang area, but only initial-term type in the Liaodong area and only mid- and latter-term types in southern Korea. It shows well that the Pyongyang area is the centre of the narrow bronze daggers."
  The narrow bronze dagger serves as a very precious material in studying the ancient culture of Korea including Ancient Joson.