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A Village of Hospitals in Pyongyang
  A village of hospitals is found in the Munsu area on the bank of the picturesque Taedong River in Pyongyang. It has special hospitals for the birth of babies and the health of children, women and other working people.
  It took perfect shape as a village of hospitals in a few years thanks to the painstaking efforts of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who pays deep attention to promoting the people's health.
  Especially in 2013, a children's hospital, dental hospital and rehabilitation clinic were built one after another in the area which had had only a few hospitals including the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital.
  Kim Jong Un had long conceived a plan to build modern hospitals there. Looking round the Taesongsan General Hospital nearing completion in January that year, he gave instructions on building the children's hospital, the dental hospital and the rehabilitation clinic.
  As for the Taesongsan General Hospital, he paid special concern to its wonderful completion, visiting its construction site several times to indicate specific orientation and ways for the project.
  Han Yun Song, Department Director of the Ministry of Public Health, says:
  "The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un called at the Taesongsan General Hospital in January 2013. Learning in detail about its construction for a long time, he emphasized that good experiences gained in the construction of the Taesongsan General Hospital should be actively applied to the construction of the children's hospital, the dental hospital and the rehabilitation clinic in the heart of Pyongyang that year so as to complete them flawlessly and that the sector concerned should make good preparations from then on as their construction is an important work for the promotion of the people's health."
  Kim Jong Un energetically guided the construction of those hospitals and clinic.
  On July 16, Juche 102(2013), he visited the construction sites of the children's hospital and the dental hospital and took necessary measures, saying the projects should be accelerated qualitatively and good preparations made for their operation.

  As a result, the Okryu Children's Hospital and the Ryugyong Dental Hospital opened in October and the Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic in December that year.

Okryu Children's Hospital

Ryugyong Dental Hospital

Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic

  Kim Jong Un proposed building a modern general ophthalmic hospital, guided its blueprints and took measures concerning the commitment of construction forces and supply of materials.
  On May 26, Juche 105(2016), he looked round every place of the construction site, saying he had long planned to build the Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital for the people and that its construction was what he had wanted to do.

Opened in October 2016

  That was how the village of hospitals was built in Pyongyang.