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A Teacher Waited by Pupils
  The schoolchildren have greeted the New Year and are now spending a pleasant winter vacation.
  It is a duty of teachers to guide and help the schoolchildren in their study and life during the vacation as well.
  Teacher Kim Ok Gyong at Kim Song Ju Primary School is busy preparing for teaching in the new school year and guiding the pupils of the class under her charge.
  She has unique teaching qualifications and so, her guidance is suited to the mental state of pupils and adds fuel to their enthusiasm for study.
  That's why the pupils eagerly wait for her coming.
  Over the past 10-odd years she has made painstaking efforts to study new teaching methods capable of raising the cognitive effect of pupils and apply them to education.

  While always mixing herself among pupils, she tried to find the pupils with good logical thought and those with good sensitive ability. In the course of it, she found the teaching methods suited to their inborn talents and aptitude.
  Last year alone, she presented new teaching methods of letting the pupils understand the conception of length in real life without difficulty and of giving a wide knowledge of nature by using three-dimensional program and virtual reality technology.

  Here is teacher Kim Ok Gyong.
  "I think it is my duty as a teacher responsible for the education of the rising generations to dedicate my all, though little, to bringing up all the pupils into good pillars making a contribution to the prosperity and development of the country."
  Kim Ok Gyong is thinking over new teaching methods helpful to the study of pupils during the winter vacation.