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True to Her Duty
  Land proves itself as it is.
  There are many steady farmers who have overfulfilled their crop production plans every year by manuring the land. Among them is workteam head Ri Il Nyo at the Sosin Vegetable Farm in Ryokpho District.

  She often says that a steady farmer does not complain of the land, good or bad.
  While working as a workteam head for 15 years, she has made painstaking efforts to do her duty as the master of land and that of farming.
  She was more concerned about worse soil. She tried hard to make it fertile by devoting her sincere efforts with workteam members.
  She pushed ahead with the work to increase the fertility of soil in a methodological way on the basis of a scientific analysis of soil on each plot.
  In order to increase the fertility of soil she attached importance to establishing the food production cycle of agricultural production and stockbreeding to secure more manure.
  To this end, she built a stable for breeding different kinds of domestic animals in conformity with the actual conditions.
  As a result, her workteam could increase the production of livestock products, apply more manure of good quality to the fields and boost the vegetable production.
  It also made an active use of bioactive compost source to boost the grain and vegetable production every year.
  Workteam head Ri Il Nyo has always directed big efforts to the introduction of good strains that can reap a good harvest.
  She encouraged her workteam members to cultivate new strains of grain and vegetable crops on the experimental plots so that they could acquire sci-tech principles of their introduction in practice.
  In those days, her workteam could overfulfill its production plan every year and the farmers lead a more abundant life.
  The state awarded the title of Meritorious Person of Socialist Patriotism to Ri Il Nyo who has devoted her sincere efforts true to the duty of agricultural worker.
  Ri Il Nyo says: 
  "I've failed to repay the favour shown to me. I'll love this land to the end and take care of it to repay the state benefits."
  Ri Il Nyo is making her every possible effort to do her duty as the master of the immediate farming so as to reap a good harvest.