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Start of Great 10-Year Revolution
  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea started the 10-year revolution for improving the regional industry. Its goal is to wonderfully build regional-industry factories fully equipped with modern equipment and production processes in all the cities and counties of the country in coming 10 years.

  The regional industry is aimed at meeting the regional demand for consumer goods in the main by mobilizing the locally available raw-material resources and thus improving the material and cultural life of the people.
  The DPRK has long maintained the consistent principle of developing the regional industry along with the central industry.
  The regions have a lot of raw-material resources which can develop their local industry. When they make good use of mountains in the mountainous areas and seas in the coastal areas, all regions can revitalize the production of the regional-industry factories with their own raw and other materials.
  In 2024, the Workers' Party of Korea presented the "Regional Development 20×10 Policy" focussed on the extensive modernization of the regional-industry factories.
  According to the policy, modern regional-industry factories will be built in 20 cities and counties every year for 10 years, starting from this year. The first ground-breaking ceremony for its implementation was held in Songchon County of South Phyongan Province.
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the WPK, participated in the ceremony, made a significant speech and broke ground first to signal the start of the project.
  Like this, the start of the great 10-year revolution was declared all over.

  As regards the construction of regional-industry factories, an experience was already gained in Kimhwa County of Kangwon Province under the leadership of the WPK.
  Kimhwa County accounts for almost 80 percent of mountains and has raw-material resources such as agricultural products and forest resources.
  Regional-industry factories including a foodstuff factory, a paper mill and a daily necessities factory have been built in the county and they produce more than 100 kinds of goods with raw materials rich in the county, making a contribution to the people's living.
  On the basis of the experience gained in Kimhwa County, regional-industry factories will be built this year in Kusong City and Kujang and Unsan Counties of North Phyongan Province, Songchon and Sukchon Counties of South Phyongan Province, Yonthan and Unpha Counties of North Hwanghae Province, Unchon and Jaeryong Counties of South Hwanghae Province, Tongsin and Usi Counties of Jagang Province, Kosan and Ichon Counties of Kangwon Province, Kyongsong and Orang Counties of North Hamgyong Province, Hamju and Kumya Counties of South Hamgyong Province, Kim Hyong Jik County of Ryanggang Province, Onchon County of Nampho City and Jangphung County of Kaesong City.
  The People's Army is undertaking the construction of the regional-industry factories.
  Along with the construction of modern regional-industry factories, undertakings are actively promoted for the development of the regional industry, including the creation of raw-material bases and the training of skilled workers, so that those factories can pay off after their inauguration.

  At the end of the year, modern regional-industry factories, the first creations of the "Regional Development 20×10 Policy", will be built in 20 cities and counties across the country and 10 years later, regional-industry factories will gain momentum in all parts of the country.