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Revolutionary Activities
Great event heralding advent of new era and turning point of strengthening Juche-oriented naval force
Grand launching ceremony of newly-built submarine held in presence of President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un
  A new powerful entity demonstrating the rapid development of the Juche-oriented naval force all over the world has emerged on the glorious journey of ushering in a new era of a great prosperous and powerful country, displaying the world's strong defence capabilities unprecedented in the history of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under the outstanding leadership of the ever-victorious Workers' Party of Korea.
  The heroic munitions workers, scientists and technicians infinitely loyal to the revolutionary cause of the Party built a tactical nuclear attack submarine of Korean style and presented it as gift to the motherland on its 75th founding anniversary.
  The launching ceremony of the submarine was grandly held on September 6 in the presence of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, heralding the prelude to a new chapter of strengthening the naval force of the DPRK with the grandiose birth of the first underwater nuclear attack vessel and demonstrating more clearly the unshakable will of the Party and government to further expand and strengthen the nuclear deterrent of the state rapidly both in quality and quantity for peace and security of the region and the world. Attending the ceremony were Marshal Ri Pyong Chol, Marshal Pak Jong Chon, Premier Kim Tok Hun, Admiral Kim Myong Sik and other leading officials of the Party, government and the military as well as commanding officers and seamen of the East Sea Fleet of the Navy and the entire workers, scientists and technicians of the Pongdae Shipyard.
  When Kim Jong Un arrived at the venue of the launching ceremony, all the participants raised enthusiastic cheers.
  Guards of honour of the Navy of the Korean People's Army hoisted the blue and red flag of the DPRK amid the solemn playing of the national anthem.
  Marshal Ri Pyong Chol conveyed the order of the Central Military Commission of the WPK on transferring the tactical nuclear attack submarine to the Navy of the KPA.
  On the order of the Central Military Commission of the WPK, the first tactical nuclear attack submarine No. 841 was transferred to a submarine squadron concerned under the East Sea Fleet of the Navy of the KPA and was named "Hero Kim Kun Ok".
  Kim Jong Un awarded the certificate of transfer of the newly-built submarine to the commander of the submarine squadron.
  He delivered a significant speech in congratulation of the launching ceremony.
  When he concluded his congratulatory speech, cheers of hurrah rocked the venue of the ceremony.
  The scientists, technicians and workers of the Pongdae Submarine Factory offered boundless thanks to Kim Jong Un who ushers in a heyday of strengthening the naval force while brightly indicating the orientation of development of the Korean-style submarine industry and ways of developing latest submarines.
  Kim Jong Un had a photo taken with senior officials of the Party and government, major commanding officers of the navy and leading officials of the submarine factory in commemoration of the launching ceremony.
  Marshal Ri Pyong Chol heard a report on the completion of the preparations for launching from the manager of the factory and ordered to launch the submarine.
  According to a signal for launching, the newly-built submarine came up to the surface of the sea under confetti and flying balloons.
  Kim Jong Un said thanks to the inexhaustible strength and enthusiasm produced by loyalty and patriotism of the munitions workers supporting the revolutionary policy on defence upbuilding with pure conscience, obligation and resolute implementation, the mightiness of our state came to be demonstrated once again on the eve of the 75th founding anniversary of the DPRK. He expressed the belief that officials and workers of the factory would continue to display the boundless honour of the genuine patriots contributing to the development of shipbuilding industry in the new century and the frontline combatants safeguarding the arsenal for the defence of territorial waters.
  He looked round the tactical nuclear submarine "Hero Kim Kun Ok" making preparations to leave the port for a trial voyage on September 7.
  The East Sea Fleet of the Navy of the KPA that received the submarine held a ceremony of greeting the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK at the port.
  Kim Jong Un reviewed the colours of the East Sea Fleet and the guard of honour.
  He was met on the spot by Admiral Kim Myong Sik, Commander, and Vice-Admiral Kim Chang Guk, Political Commissar, of the Navy of the KPA, commanding officers of the East and West Sea Fleets of the Navy, and military and political commanding officers of the submarine squadron.
  Kim Jong Un looked round the tactical nuclear attack submarine "Hero Kim Kun Ok".
  He learned about the weapon system and underwater navigation capacity of the submarine.
  Noting that the nuclear armament of the navy is an urgent task of the times which brooks no delay and a pivotal demand of the building of the revolutionary armed forces, Kim Jong Un said we should accelerate the work to deliver to the navy the submarines and surface ships loaded with tactical nuclear weapons, enabling our navy to satisfactorily carry out its strategic task.
  He expressed the expectation and belief that the officers and men of the submarine named after Hero Kim Kun Ok who was the first hero officer of the naval force of the DPRK would become the model of the navy and example of the whole army in the politico-ideological and spiritual and moral preparedness as well as in the completion of preparations for the revolutionary war by firmly inheriting the great spirit of seamen of the former generations and continue to create new myths of the heroic navy in the van.
  Kim Jong Un had a picture taken with the crew against the submarine "Hero Kim Kun Ok".