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Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un makes speech on Day of Navy
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Command of the Navy on the occasion of the Day of the Navy, a glorious day of the Navy of the Korean People's Army, and made a significant speech in congratulation of the entire service personnel of the naval force.
  In the speech he said that in view of the historical and practical requirements, strengthening the naval force was always raised as an essential task for national defence and army building in Korea seabound on three sides.
  He paid noble respects to the sacred 70-odd-year-long history of the Navy of the KPA which has covered the course of loyalty, firmly holding the helm of faith without veering even in the raging waves.
  He gave the naval force the supreme task to develop itself into a powerful Juche-based service that can perfectly perform its historic mission of defending the territorial waters and making preparations for a revolutionary war.
  He said it is necessary to bring the political and ideological superiority in step with the development of military technique in a balanced way. And he clarified the plan of the Party and immediate tasks to epochally raise the modernity and fighting capacity of the Navy by putting greater spurs to modernizing the arms and equipment of the Navy.
  He also said the units of the services will be provided with new means of arms according to the policy of extension of strategic nuclear operation outlined in the line of building the state nuclear forces. In the future, our Navy will be a component of the state nuclear deterrent carrying out the strategic mission, he added.
  Kim Jong Un presented it as the most important demand to more thoroughly establish the monolithic system of the Party Central Committee for leadership over the entire Navy in building the Navy of the KPA into a powerful service making full preparations for a war as early as possible.
  He said what is fundamental in strengthening the combat power of the Navy is as ever to maintain the upper hand of the ideological and spiritual power with certainty and accordingly, priority should be given to arming all the service personnel with such spirit.
  He emphasized that the secret of rapidly improving the fighting efficiency of the Navy is to powerfully promote the modernization of arms and equipment and at the same time, to substantially conduct the practical and actual manoeuvres in the atmosphere of actual war.
  He said the revolutionary spirit and mettle of the seamen who are loyal to the cause of the Party and ardently love the country are fully displayed at the grand socialist construction sites as well and they are praised by the people and the seamen should be always aware of trust and expectation of the Party and the people and live up to them faithfully as ever.
  He expressed the belief that the entire service personnel of the Navy would usher in the heyday of developing the Juche-based naval force in unity and ardently called for struggling bravely and persistently to keep demonstrating the mightiness of the heroic people's navy and further glorify the honour.