/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to major munitions factories
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to major munitions factories including that of producing shells of large-calibre multiple launch rocket system between August 3 and 5 to learn about the implementation of the core objective of the Party's policy on munitions industry.
  He was accompanied by Jo Yong Won, Kim Jae Ryong, Jo Chun Ryong, Kim Yo Jong and Pak Jong Chon.
  He was greeted at the factories concerned by the Deputy Directors of the Department of Munitions Industry of the Party Central Committee and leading officials of the factories.
  At the factory of producing shells of super large-calibre multiple launch rocket system, Kim Jong Un acquainted himself in detail with its recent modernization of technical and production processes and current production.
  He highly praised the factory for having made great successes in attaining the long-term goal for modernizing production processes set by the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the WPK and in developing the capacity for serial production of large-calibre multiple launch rocket system shells he presented during his field guidance to the factory on November 9 last year.
  He expressed great satisfaction over the fact that a lot of new equipment and measuring devices have been introduced into the overall production processes for developing serial production capacity of ultra-precision large-calibre multiple launch rocket system shells to increase the precision processing ability and realize automation and that working environment and conditions have been improved radically, saying it is the correct implementation of the Party's policy.
  He presented major orientation of the economic work for national defence including the issues arising in the management of the factory and the development of capacity for serial production of new kinds of shells.
  Emphasizing again the important responsibility and duty of the factory in further perfecting the war preparations of our army, he clarified the ways to carry out the immediate and prospective tasks facing the model factory symbolic of development and modernity of our defence industry.
  He ardently called on the officials, workers and technicians of the factory and army inspectors to turn out as one and work hard with infinite loyalty and patriotism to successfully implement the grandiose strategy for development of national defence set forth by the Party Central Committee by firmly carrying forward the traditional and proud history of our defence industry which has safeguarded the Party and revolution, the country and people with munitions production.
  Kim Jong Un also guided on the spot the work for building a new weak-current apparatus factory which would play an important role in the modernization of the People's Army.
  He heard a report on the construction work and the issues arising in it, gave important instructions and familiarized himself with the layout of production processes and capacity as a modernized model factory of the weak-current industry.
  He presented the orientation and ways to build the factory in a modern way as befitting a core factory standing in the van of the munitions industry of the country.
  Kim Jong Un also learned about the production of small arms of new series.
  He said it is the most important and urgent issue in the war preparations to modernize the small arms to be carried by the units of the People's Army on the front and its units which would wage an armed struggle behind enemy lines in case of emergency in keeping with the changed styles of war, and expressed the determination of the Party Central Committee concerning the production of powerful small arms of Korean style and the orientation of their development.
  Saying that making small arms light and ensuring their shooting accuracy are the core indices of their development and production, he advanced crucial tasks for making small arms of new forms and new calibres to satisfy the constitutional characteristics and combat efficiency of our soldiers.
  He expounded the future production goal of the factory and the direction of modernization of production processes to hit it.
  Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the factory of producing motors of strategic cruise missiles and unmanned attack planes and presented important tasks.
  He said the factory is playing an important role that nobody can replace in technically refining and serializing the production of the recently developed strategic weapons, and gave concrete instructions on the ways to steadily raise the efficiency and reliability of the motors, the core element of the weapon systems, and radically expand their production capacity.
  He stressed the need to thoroughly ensure the speed, quality and quantity at the same time in the production of motors by giving definite precedence to the supply of necessary materials of different kinds, and called for putting the production processes on a highly modern, scientific and precision basis and constantly improving the working conditions and civilized living environment of the factory.
  He said the officials, workers and technicians of the factory should produce a lot of motors of ultramodern strategic weapons of all kinds with their own efforts and technology by giving full play to their creative wisdom and passion and thus make a great contribution to the rapid development of new strategic weapons of Korean style.
  Kim Jong Un acquainted himself with the production of major strategic weapon launch vehicles.
  He learned in detail about how the factory has carried out its plan to hit the goal of immediate production of strategic missile launch vehicles set by the Party Central Committee and about their future production.
  Underlining again the pivotal role of the factory in realizing the military strategy of the Party Central Committee, he highly praised the factory for powerfully promoting the production of launch vehicles by laying a firm production foundation and directing efforts to modernizing production processes and expanding production capacity in conformity with the intention of the Party which defined the production of large launch vehicles as the most important work for strengthening the national defence capability.
  The key to the development of the defence industry lies in giving full play to the spiritual strength of the munitions workers, Kim Jong Un said and called for actively encouraging them to display their extraordinary patriotism and fighting spirit, fully aware of their heavy responsibility and mission in direct charge of the munitions production in the most important work for strengthening the defence capability of the country, and for paying deep attention to providing them with good living conditions.