/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un meets to congratulate commanding personnel and pilots involved in large-scale combat sortie of DPRK Air Force on the occasion of Aviation Day
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, invited 705 pilots of more than 20 regiments of five divisions to the headquarters building of the Party Central Committee on the occasion of the Aviation Day to warmly congratulate and encourage them, who had been involved in the general combat sortie of the flying corps of the Air Force which mobilized 500 fighters of different kinds for 3 hours and 47 minutes on November 4.
  The commanding personnel and pilots of the Air Force successfully launched the large-scale general sortie with the resolute will and overwhelming militant spirit to cope with the large-scale joint air drill of the enemy under the order of the Party Central Committee and thus rendered services to powerfully demonstrating the firm spirit of Juche Korea against the enemy and her invincible stamina. Kim Jong Un invited them to the capital city Pyongyang on the occasion of the Aviation Day and showed great privilege and special benefits to them.
  When he showed up, all the participants paid the greatest respects to him.
  Acknowledging their enthusiastic cheers, Kim Jong Un paid warm militant respects to the reliable pilots who displayed all over the world the ideological and spiritual superiority of the Air Force that can defeat any formidable enemy at one stroke, the principle of more thoroughgoing and merciless action against the enemy and the excellent actual war capacity by carrying out the battle order of the Party in the large-scale air operation unprecedented in history with prompt and perfect practice.
  He said the air myth of invincibility is created not by any latest fighters but by the pilots armed with the indomitable spirit. It is a great pride of our Party, country and people to have the brave pilots with the clear outlook on the principal enemy and the Juche-oriented attitude towards war who go through thick and thin to destroy the stronghold of aggression true to the order of the Party, he added.
  Kim Jong Un also said the brilliant achievements of the People's Air Force that resolutely defended the territorial air of the country will shine as an important great victory in the history of the country forever. He had a picture taken with the service personnel of the Air Force, expressing the belief that they would, in the future, too, add brilliance to the heyday of the Juche-oriented Air Force and reliably guarantee the strengthening of the defence capability, the defence of self-respect of the state and the enhancement of national glory with fervent loyalty, unrivalled bravery and heroic militancy.