/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
Chairman of Central Military Commission of WPK Kim Jong Un guides military exercises of tactical nuclear operation units of KPA
  The military exercises of the tactical nuclear operation units of the Korean People's Army were conducted between September 25 and October 9 in order to inspect and affirm the war deterrent and nuclear counterattacking ability of the country and send a serious warning to the enemy.
  The exercises were staged during the period of the dangerous military exercises of the large-scale naval forces of the allied army in the waters of the Korean peninsula, involving the nuclear aircraft carrier, Aegis destroyer and nuclear-powered submarine of the US Navy.
  The United States, on the basis of the agreement on further strengthening the provision of extended deterrent to south Korea under the pretext of coping with the DPRK's legal confirmation of the policy of the state nuclear forces, sent the nuclear aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan and its striking flotilla to the waters of the Korean peninsula on September 23 as its first example. It staged joint naval exercise, together with south Korea, on the East Sea of Korea from September 26 to 29 and conducted the US-Japan-south Korea joint anti-submarine exercise on the 30th.
  It redeployed the nuclear aircraft carrier striking flotilla on the East Sea of Korea on October 6 to stage the joint missile defence drill and joint naval manoeuvres on the 7th and the 8th, posing an open military threat to the DPRK and aggravating the tension in the region.
  The chief of the south Korean military released unreasonable and provocative remarks such as the "survival" of our government, openly revealing the will of confrontation.
  Under an unavoidable situation, the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea discussed the prevailing political and military situation on the Korean peninsula and its prospect in late September and decided to conduct practical military exercises of different levels in order to inspect and improve the reliability and combat efficiency of the war deterrent of our state and send strong warning of military counteraction to the enemy.
  The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Party, guided on the spot the military exercises of the tactical nuclear operation units.
  Members of the Central Military Commission of the Party watched the exercises.
  At dawn of September 25, a simulated launching drill of ballistic missile loaded with tactical nuclear warhead was conducted at the underwater launching ground in a reservoir in the northwestern part of Korea.
  The drill was aimed at confirming the swift and safe operational order during the taking out, carrying and use of tactical nuclear warhead, inspecting the reliability of the universal operation system and mastering the system, practicing the ballistic missile launching ability at the underwater launching grounds and inspecting the rapid response posture.
  The fired tactical ballistic missile flew to the air over the fixed target in the East Sea of Korea along the set track and the reliability of warhead detonating in the fixed height was confirmed.
  The orientation of planned construction of underwater launching ground in the reservoir was also confirmed through the practical drill.
  The ballistic missile launching exercise simulating the loading of tactical nuclear warhead was staged on September 28 to neutralize the airports in the operation area in south Korea, proving the safety of the universal system of nuclear warhead operation. In the exercises of launching different kinds of tactical ballistic missiles conducted on September 29 and October 1, the fixed targets were hit by the combination of explosion up in the air and direct precision and spraying bomb strike, confirming the accuracy and might of our weapon system.
  The Central Military Commission of the WPK adopted a decision on October 4 on sending a stronger and clear warning to the enemy under the unstable situation persistent on the Korean peninsula and ordered to launch the latest ground-to-ground intermediate-range ballistic missile to strike the target waters 4,500 kilometres away in the Pacific across the Japanese Islands.
  A super-large multiple rocket launcher and tactical ballistic missile striking exercise simulating an attack on major military commanding objects of the enemy was conducted at the dawn of October 6 to verify the might of the functional warhead and a super-large multiple rocket launching drill simulating an attack on major ports of the enemy at the dawn of October 9.
  Through the launching exercises of the tactical nuclear operation units conducted on seven occasions, the feasibility, combat efficiency and practical war ability of the nuclear combat forces of the state were fully demonstrated, which are fully ready to strike and destroy any objects as they like at any time and in any place.
  Kim Jong Un highly praised the nuclear combat forces maintaining the rapid and accurate operational responding ability and nuclear response posture at any time and in any circumstances, true to their mission of war deterrent.
  He said he came to have a firmer belief through the recent practical exercises that he can give to any tactical nuclear operation units heavy military tasks for the war deterrent and for taking the initiative in the war. It served as a verification of the readiness of our war deterrent and an occasion to prove the reliability of the perfect nuclear defence posture of our state as well as a clear warning and powerful demonstration of our nuclear responding posture and nuclear striking ability to the enemy, he added.
  Noting that active military moves of the enemy are still going on, Kim Jong Un said that such continued, intentional and irresponsible aggravation of tension by the United States and the south Korean regime will inevitably trigger off our more serious response and that we sharply watch the crisis of situation all the time.
  Though the enemy still talk about dialogue and negotiation while posing military threat, we have nothing to have dialogue with them nor feel the necessity to do so. We must, first of all, send more definite signals with more powerful and resolute will and actions to the enemy aggravating tension in the region by frequently shipping vast armed forces, he said.
  We will keenly watch the unstable situation on the Korean peninsula and intolerable military moves of the enemy and take all powerful military counteractions, if necessary, he warned.
  Kim Jong Un expressed the belief that the nuclear combat forces of the DPRK would keep the strongest nuclear responding posture and further strengthen it in every way, aware of their important mission to defend the dignity, sovereignty and right to live of our state.