/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
Meeting of Secretariat of WPK CC held
  The Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea held a meeting at the building of Headquarters of the Party Central Committee on June 12 to discuss the issues on major Party affairs.
  The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, presided over the meeting.
  Present at the meeting were Jo Yong Won, Pak Jong Chon, Ri Pyong Chol, Ri Il Hwan, Kim Jae Ryong, Jon Hyon Chol and Pak Thae Song, Secretaries of the Central Committee of the WPK.
  The meeting discussed major tasks arising in the immediate activities and building of the Party.
  The meeting discussed the issues on conducting the organizational and political work to equip the organizations at all levels of the whole Party firmly with the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Eight Central Committee of the WPK and arouse them to the implementation of the decisions of the Party and on decisively improving the role of the Party organizations in the whole of the Party and state affairs this year, and assigned relevant revolutionary tasks.
  The Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea importantly discussed on establishing a strong atmosphere of observing disciplines within the Party and launching a more intensive struggle targeting the unsound and non-revolutionary practices including the abuses of authority and bureaucracy revealed among some Party officials.
  Kim Jong Un clarified the immediate work and prospective tasks for taking organizational measures and establishing effective work system to further strengthen the system of supervising disciplines of the Inspection Commission of the Party Central Committee and organizations at all levels and primary organizations of the provinces and itemizing the supervision and discipline examination and norms of penalties. He said that the realization of monolithic leadership system of the Party Central Committee and wide political activities of the Party should be thoroughly guaranteed by a strong disciplinary system by expanding and strengthening the authority and functions of discipline supervision departments, assistant organizations of the Inspection Commission and by enforcing strict supervision system and order of examination of disciplines and rigid system of punishment according to the essence of the Party's line on building disciplines and the lawful requirements for its strengthening.
  Kim Jong Un said precedence should be given to the work to encourage the high political principle and fighting spirit, revolutionary style of work and communist moral traits in the Party organizations of the whole Party in order to make the original nature, mission and task, that is, the original attitude of the revolutionary Party be thoroughly carried forward and for the militant strengthening and development of the socialist ruling Party. For the purpose, it presents itself as the essential, indispensable and previous task to strictly establish the stronger supervision work system and correction system over the habit of observing the Party rules and Party discipline, the implementation of the Party lines and policies, the embodiment of sound style of work and the state of moral life, he added.
  Clarified at the meeting was the important and strategic idea on Party building of General Secretary Kim Jong Un to more firmly cement the basis of our Party by putting forward the building of Party discipline as the prior important task and important line of Party building and activities, enhance the revolutionary character and fighting spirit in the political activities of the Party and polish, improve and strengthen the role and features of the Party.
  The Secretariat of the Central Committee of the WPK decided to take systematic measures for thoroughly applying the original idea and theory of Kim Jong Un on the building of the Party rules to the Party work and activities.
  Also discussed at the meeting were other crucial issues for improving the work of the Party for inspection and guidance and the Party's internal affairs.