/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
General Secretary Kim Jong Un sends letter to those attending 1st Short Course of Propaganda Officials of WPK
  The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, sent the important letter "On Smashing Formalism and Making a Fundamental Change in the Party's Ideological Work" to the participants in the First Short Course of Propaganda Officials of the WPK on March 28.
  In the letter he said:
  The Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the WPK decided to firmly guarantee the successful implementation of the new five-year plan presented at the Party Congress and make a substantial progress in the improvement of the people's living and put forward a grand programme for finally solving the socialist rural question.
  In order to carry out the crucial tasks which are not easy to do because of the manifold trials in the way it is, as usual, to regard the ideological and spiritual strength of the popular masses as the most powerful weapon and move it in every way.
  The Juche idea that man decides everything and there is nothing we cannot do when we stimulate the people ideologically will fully display its validity and vitality as the principle of revolutionary leadership and political philosophy of our Party forever in the future, too. The ideological work is the greatest of the cores of the party work for our Party invariably holding fast to the Juche idea.
  The ideology-first principle is the fundamental key to overcome the difficulties and win a new victory and it is a unique revolutionary mode of the WPK. The basic task of our Party's ideological work is to model the whole Party and society after the revolutionary idea of the Party Central Committee.
  The political and theoretical circles should be powerful to constantly deepen and develop the Party's ideological work in accordance with the requirement of the revolutionary practice, he said and indicated specific orientation and ways to enhance the level and role of the political and theoretical circles.
  Kim Jong Un said it is an analysis of the Party Central Committee at present that the revolutionary change in the Party's ideological work should begin with smashing formalism, and put forward the tasks to thoroughly eradicate formalism remaining in the Party's ideological work.
  He analyzed the forms of intensive expressions of formalism in the Party's ideological work and their aftereffect and stressed that it should be the strict rule and discipline of the propaganda field of the Party to correctly know the important contents of the ideological education as intended and assigned by the Party Central Committee and do substantial ideological work in close interconnection so as to eliminate formalism remaining in the ideological work.
  Kim Jong Un importantly pointed out that the theoretical education is a primary work to arm all the members of the society firmly with the revolutionary idea of the Party Central Committee.
  He underscored the need to make the ideological campaign intensive and precision in the struggle against the anti-socialist and non-socialist practices.
  He emphasized the need to launch the agitprop offensives more fiercely so that the whole country can seethe with the struggle to achieve a new victory of socialism by implementing the idea and policy of the Party Central Committee.
  He noted that successes of latest science and technology should be widely introduced into the agitprop work to create new and modern means and ways.
  He stressed the need to have a general understanding of the deviations remaining in the propaganda sector of the Party and take correct measures on the principle of raising the promptness and efficiency of the ideological offensive.
  Kim Jong Un said the officials in the propaganda field of the Party should maximize their level and ability to meet the demand of the revolution, the desire of the times and the expectations of the people.
  He stressed the need to enhance the key role of the Information and Publicity Department of the Party Central Committee in making a fundamental change in the Party's ideological work.
  He underscored the need to establish a very powerful discipline in the propaganda field of the whole Party and the habit of giving top priority to the ideological work of the party officials and actively cooperating with the work of the propaganda field.
  He said the WPK regards it as its greatest pride and great strength to have tens of millions of faithful, steadfast and distinguished propaganda officials. And he ardently called upon all to wage a vigorous struggle to bring earlier the new victory of Korean-style socialism with the great strength of ideology in high spirits and with full confidence.