/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of WPK closed
  The Second Conference of Secretaries of the Primary Committees of the Workers' Party of Korea came to a close on February 28.
  It was guided by the respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the WPK.
  Speeches were made at the conference.
  The speakers referred to providing the officials and employees with a full understanding of the greatness of the WPK and conducting the ideological education among them intensively and with a blitz so that they can invariably carry forward the tradition of loyalty to train all of them as champions for resolute implementation.
  In the speeches there were introduced the experiences acquired in the course of preparing the agricultural workers as genuine masters of the rural revolution and implementing the agricultural policy of the Party as taught by Kim Jong Un.
  The speakers said they had made it main line of the party work to infuse the researchers with the faith that they are making scientific researches for the country and put it into practice in a methodological way to prepare them as genuine scientists who think first of the Party and the country before themselves and achieved successes promoting the economic development of the country.
  They also said they had strengthened the collective guidance of the Party committees and directed efforts to the work with colliers and that with young people in particular to glorify the honour of the model units.
  Kim Jong Un made the historic concluding speech "Let the Secretaries of the Primary Party Committees Become the True Political Workers of the Motherly Party".
  Citations of the General Secretary of the WPK were conferred on the exemplary secretaries of the primary Party committees at the conference.
  Kim Jong Un said significant words concerning the conferment of the citations.
  He mentioned the intention of the Party Central Committee specially commending the secretaries of the primary Party committees who are bringing about good results with true stance and work attitude as political workers of the Party with this conference as a momentum.
  He said the primary Party committees should not become the lowest organizations merely preserving and managing the party forces, but the just ranks vigorously struggling for realizing the programme of the Party to build socialism and communism. He stressed that when the primary Party organizations are prepared and display strong fighting efficiency, it is possible to bring a great new era and achieve a new victory with our own hands. 
  He expressed the belief that the secretaries of the primary Party committees would keep the expectations of the Party Central Committee and the people valuably and heavily and become genuine revolutionaries and communists with no errors on the road of their sacred service for the Party, the revolution and the people. He suggested congratulating with warm hearts and big hand the Party secretaries who are receiving the citations amid the watch of the whole Party.
  Kim Jong Un awarded citations to 50 persons including Ri Tong Chol who set an example in the implementation of the Party policies and had a picture taken with them.
  He made a closing address of the Second Conference of Secretaries of the Primary Committees of the WPK.