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Sci-Tech Complex
  The Sci-Tech Complex is on the Ssuk Islet in the capital city of Pyongyang. It was inaugurated on January 1, Juche 105(2016).

  The energy-saving complex has realized green environment of the interior and exterior of its building on a high level. It is a great temple of learning for all the people and a multifunctional hub of scientific and technological dissemination.
  The four-story Sci-Tech Complex was built in a peculiar shape of large atomic structure symbolizing the world of science.

  Each floor has e-reading areas and indoor sci-tech exhibition halls of different sectors. Also found are the hall for latest acquisitions, reading rooms for the disabled, distance lecture rooms and academic discussion areas.
  A nationwide dissemination network was established centring on the Sci-Tech Complex, so that new scientific and technological information flows from the centre to the lowest level.
  Today all Korean people come to the Sci-Tech Complex to accumulate knowledge.