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Pleasure in a Celebrated Mountain
  Mt. Myohyang is one of the celebrated mountains of Korea with combination of queerness and magnificence. It is called Myohyang meaning a singular and beautiful mountain emitting fragrance.

  Mt. Myohyang presents exquisite scenery everywhere with magnificent peaks, queer rocks, deep valleys, sheer cliffs, diverse flora and fauna showing a beautiful landscape in all seasons, crystal-clear water and many falls in good harmony with gurgle of streams.
  It has many cultural heritages representing the long history and culture, outstanding wisdom and creative talents of the Korean ancestors, and a history museum.

  There are wonderful facilities for tourists and campers including hotel, camp, mineral spring resort and pavilion for relaxation in the mountain.

  In Mt. Myohyang there is also the International Friendship Exhibition House, the treasure house in praise of great persons.
  Lots of people visit the mountain every year and every season.