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Sun-Shaped Perforated Gilt-Bronze Ornament
  Koguryo is the first feudal state of Korea which existed between 277 B.C. and A.D. 668.
  The sun-shaped perforated gilt-bronze ornament is one of the typical metalworks left by Koguryo people.

  It was unearthed at Jinphari Tomb No. 7 in Ryongsan-ri, Ryokpho District of Pyongyang City.
  It is estimated as one of the typical metalworks of Korea in the medieval ages for its unique shape and lively decorative patterns.
  It is 22.8 centimetres long and 15 centimetres high.
  Here is Dr. Yun Kwang Su, Researcher of the Archaeological Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences.
  "The ornament with a semicircular gilt-bronze plate pressed a bit on one side is rimmed by considerably wide base fillet and arc fillet. Cut in its centre are two lines of circles with bead patterns and a tripodal crow with its wings wide open, which symbolizes the sun.
  A phoenix is seen on the circle and patterns of twirling dragon head on its both sides. There are the patterns of flaring flames around the tripodal crow, phoenix and dragons."
  The sun-shaped perforated gilt-bronze ornament shows well the go-ahead and optimistic spirit of the Koguryo people, and their elaborate technique of reticulation and delicate artistic talents. It is a legacy showing well the development of the perforated metalworks of Koguryo. It is preserved as a national treasure.