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Self-Respect Reflected in 100% (2)
  Dr. Kim Pyong Ho, Director of a Branch of the Mechanical Engineering Research Institute under the State Academy of Sciences made researches together with other researchers from the viewpoint that they start everything anew from the beginning.

  The research into diamond crown required a wide knowledge of different studies of relevant fields including metallic material engineering, mechanical engineering and boring engineering. So he made a deep study of them, valuing time.
  While making a deep study of the world trend of development of diamond tools, he made much effort to manufacture necessary equipment and establish technical processes.
  Recollecting those days, Dr. Kim Pyong Ho says:
  "It is important to bond diamond to steel. We intended to bond them together not at high temperature but at a low temperature that does not change the physical properties of diamond.
  But it was not possible to do so with common lead and flux."
  Dr. Kim Pyong Ho solved the technical problems one by one in his unique way. In the course, new materials were developed and a foundation for manufacturing diamond crown was laid in a short span of time.
  But the success never comes easily.
  The diamond crown manufactured by a new method was ineffective at the hard stratum when it was introduced. Dr. Kim Pyong Ho made laborious researches for over 10 years to solve the problem.
  He went out to different units including the Musan Mining Complex and made a lot of experiments, pooling wisdom with workers and technicians at deep underground cutting face.
  Sometimes, he sat up all night at the laboratory to get fine pieces of metal to be used as raw materials. And sometimes, he delved into chemical literature and made benchmark tests entailing danger in order to raise the efficiency of the diamond crown.
  He had to undergo hardships one after another. And in some cases, what he thought right ended with failure.
  One has to undergo throes in order to create something new.
  As the performance of the diamond crown failed to be improved at all, some people criticized him, saying he brings trouble upon himself for something impossible.
  Some scientists wavered, saying they are not sure of his success.
  But Dr. Kim and other researchers made redoubled efforts while encouraging each other. They made the difficult researches without hesitation with the viewpoint that nobody can do the job besides them.
  Thanks to their devoted efforts, the diamond crown was eventually studied and manufactured, whose technical indices correspond to the advanced level.
  Recalling the days when he made a test on the spot to introduce diamond crown with high performance, Dr. Kim says:
  "Seeing the diamond crown we made working smoothly at different strata in Komdok, prospectors and officials of the mine supported us, saying the idea is good and it's our style."
  Afterwards, Dr. Kim Pyong Ho and other researchers further intensified the research for developing new tools on the basis of the technique and experience gained in the course of ensuring the home production of diamond crown.

  In the course, a technology for obtaining fine metal alloy powder was developed, new metal complex according to the kinds and characteristics of rocks and the object of work came into being and the production base laid to manufacture different kinds of diamond tools.
  Like this, Dr. Kim Pyong Ho and other researchers gave a great help to the economic development of the country with their research findings.
  As my knowledge belongs to the country, so our research results are the precious wealth of the country. The precious wealth should remain forever for the country.
  With such viewpoint, Dr. Kim enabled his two sons-in-law to take part in researches, hoping that they would add lustre to the common research findings made by himself and other researchers as the precious wealth of the country.