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Heavy Step and Light Step
  The city of Rason is at the northern end of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  Nearly 10 years ago, the city was hit by flood, leaving many people homeless. Informed of it, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un felt greater pain than others.
  He discussed the damage rehabilitation in the city of Rason as an important agenda item at an enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea in which strategic issues concerning the national defence, the most important work of the country, are discussed. Some time later, he headed for the city of Rason through air and sea routes and pass, saying he can't sleep at the thought of the flood sufferers and he seems to be relieved after looking round the site of damage rehabilitation in person.
  That day, he arrived at the site and ardently appealed to builders to work with the feeling of building up their native villages and houses.
  True to his appeal, the builders built one-story and low-story houses for over 1,800 families in more than 30 days.
  Having received a report that the damage rehabilitation project was concluded with success, Kim Jong Un called at the city of Rason again on October 7, Juche 104(2015).
  The village with cozy houses built along the sunny foot of mountain looked like a picture.

  Looking round the dwelling houses with a bright smile on his face, Kim Jong Un said: Previously I came here with heavy step, worrying about the people in the flood-stricken area and thinking how I could build new houses for them as soon as possible. But today I feel my step light.
  These words can be said only by the father who regards the people's pain and pleasure as his own.