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Goal of Development of the Factory
  The "Unhasu"-trademarked cosmetics well-known to the Korean people are produced at the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory.

  The factory produces various kinds of skin protective and functional cosmetics, makeup cosmetics, hair cosmetics and washing cosmetics according to the fancy of the people while paying primary attention to the improvement of their quality.
  Vice-Chief Engineer Kim Kwang Hyok at the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory says:
  "The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited our factory twice. Each time, he emphasized the issue on the quality of products.
  When he came for the first time on February 4, 2015, he called for producing cosmetics which can compete with the world-famous goods and indicated the orientation for remodelling the factory. Later, he sent us samples of world-famous cosmetics.
  On his instructions, we rebuilt the factory on a modern basis, produced over 530 sorts of cosmetics of 160 kinds with domestic raw materials and improved their quality.
  Kim Jong Un called at our factory again on October 28, 2017. He was very pleased to see the factory which had been changed beyond recognition.

  That day, he underlined the need to produce larger quantities of quality cosmetics with a world competitive edge for the people."
  It is the goal of development of the factory and cosmetics industry of the country to produce quality goods with a world competitive edge.