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Glasswork "Longtengsihai"

  The delegation of the Chinese "People's Daily" on a visit to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea presented the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un with the glasswork "Longtengsihai" as gift on August 23, Juche 100(2011).
  Before its visit, the delegation is said to have discussed time and again what it should prepare as the first gift to be presented to Kim Jong Un in the name of the People's Daily. It met archaeologists in Beijing City to listen to their opinions and visited different places. In the course, it specially ordered the Historic Relics Institute of the Shanxi Museum to make the glasswork "Longtengsihai".
  "Longtengsihai" means that a dragon rushes toward the world.
  Dragon was regarded as the most precious and mysterious animal and a symbol of power and high position in the Chinese history.
  The glasswork depicting a rushing dragon can keep a jade seal in its body.
  Carved on one side of the seal are the letters "Wanshiruyi" which mean that everything goes as determined and hoped and on the other side is the letter "Fu" meaning happiness.
  The glasswork "Longtengsihai" is 18 centimetres high, the jade seal five centimetres high and the stand four centimetres high.