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Press statement of Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of WPK CC
  Press Statement of Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea

  The UN Security Council held an open meeting on the 21st at the instigation of the United States, taking issue with the test-firing of the new-type intercontinental ballistic missile "Hwasongpho-17" of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  It is a clear double standard that the UN Security Council doggedly ignored very dangerous military exercises of the United States and south Korea against the DPRK and their excessive arms buildup but touched our exercise of the sacred right of self-defence corresponding to them.
  What is ridiculous is that as soon as the open meeting of the UN Security Council was over, the United States showed up with the rabble from Britain, France, Australia, Japan and south Korea without hiding its displeasure and gave vent to its indignation at the failure in realizing their dishonest attempt while making public a disgusting "joint statement" in front of them.
  The scene is reminiscent of a dog barking with fear.
  Our government strongly denounces such rash act of the United States and the reactionaries following it as a gross infringement upon our sovereignty and a grave political provocation of bringing the situation of the Korean peninsula to a new phase of crisis.
  We will never pardon those slandering the exercise of sovereignty for defending the security of the state but take the toughest countermeasures against them to the end.
  The United States must bear in mind that no matter how desperately it may try to disarm us, it can never touch our sovereignty and the harder it resorts to its hostile acts against the DPRK, the more fatal security crisis it will face.

  November 22, Juche 111(2022)