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Strength of Collective Reflected on the Development of Products
  The Pyongyang Metal Building Materials Factory has increased the variety of products and is putting spurs to improving their quality.
  The factory has recently set a goal to develop new products after learning about its work, which had only manufactured some building materials needed for major construction and produced ordered goods.
  Believing in the strength of its employees, the factory further strengthens its technical force and pays great attention to increasing the creativity of highly skilled workers so as to conduct the experiment of materials and the production of trial products with success.

  It was not easy to study metal materials to replace the imported ones and make a mold of a product through a number of experiments before painting it. But they have made persevering efforts, achieving some successes.
  Chief Engineer Pak Hyon Il says:
  "The employees of our factory are trying to produce building parts with main stress on improving their quality. For the purpose, we direct efforts to raising the grades of technicians and skilled workers higher than before and encourage not only technicians but also workers to present at least one invention and actively introduce them into production through examination with technicians."
  Not resting content with developing new products, the factory pays deep attention to getting estimation from consumers.

  As they have turned out believing in their strength, the employees of the factory are bringing about innovations in the development of products which will be conducive to the improvement of the people's living.