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Winner of Model Worker Honour Prize
  In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Model Worker Honour Prize is awarded to the workers who have long worked with devotion at their workplaces.
  Worker Pae Jong Sop at the Cable Workshop of Pyongyang General Electric Cable Factory 326 is a winner of Model Worker Honour Prize.
  While working at the same workshop for over 30 years, he has made one hundred and tens of technical innovations and inventions, giving a lot of benefits to the state. He has about 40 certificates of inventions.

  Pae Jong Sop finished a college course in the study-while-you-work system. Moreover, he is different from other people in his physical condition.
  In his early 20s, he got hurt in the leg unfortunately and was recommended to enjoy the benefits of the social security services.
  When he was in despair, his teacher of a factory college called on him and said that if he truly loves his workplace, he should value time to learn hard and acquire profound knowledge and technique to be a man badly needed for the factory.
  He delved into books on different fields including electricity and chemistry till late at night.
  Whenever he became weak-minded, he would brace himself up, thinking that the most important is the patriotic zeal, not his physical condition.
  He was involved in the technical innovation group when the work for establishing a new production process was done at the workshop. The technical innovation proposal he presented with his tireless thinking and efforts paid off and he was respected as a treasure of the factory.
  In recent years alone, he has made a number of valuable technical innovations and inventions capable of recycling raw and other materials.
  People often ask him how he can make so many inventions.
  Then, looking around at his dear workplace and machines, he says:
  "We, workers, are the masters of this workplace and machines. Masters should play their role. My knowledge and technique are the product of my wisdom, sweat, conscience and obligation devoted to the country."
  The state awarded him the Model Worker Honour Prize in high appreciation of his merits and provided him with a luxury flat in the well-known Kyongru-dong of the capital city of Pyongyang.

  More than 30 years of his carrier as the winner of Model Worker Honour Prize tells that ours is a society of the working people and when all work faithfully, selflessly and genuinely for the country and people, irrespective of their jobs, their merits will shine.