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An Important Issue He Specially Emphasized
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un continues to make devoted efforts for the well-being of the people to provide them with the best civilization and the happiest life in the world.
  One day in June Juche 102(2013), he gave field guidance to the Changsong Foodstuff Factory.

  Looking round the factory that day, he learned in detail about the production based on the local raw materials.
  Saying the factory is normalizing production with wild fruits including acorn, tara vine and wild grapes, he was very satisfied to see the wine, carbonated juice, hard-boiled fruit, sweet jelly, soy sauce and bean paste produced at the factory.
  He said the products of the factory are just as good as those produced at the factories under the central authority and added that the factory proves the validity of the policy of the Workers' Party of Korea on developing the regional economy to live by one's own efforts.
  What he was most concerned about on his visit to the factory was an issue on the raw materials.
  Visiting the factory that day, Kim Jong Un said: Of course, it is important to modernize the equipment of the regional-industry factories. But it is also important to secure raw materials. The issue of raw materials should be solved thoroughly by relying on the regional raw materials.
  It was a valuable instruction that made clear how important the issue of relying on the regional raw materials is in developing the regional industry.
  The work for securing local raw materials is powerfully promoted in all cities and counties of the country in order to thoroughly implement the "Regional Development 20×10 Policy" set forth by the WPK.