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Story of a Ranger
  Many people are devoting their all with patriotism to plant more trees for creating green woods. Among them is Kang Yong Chol, ranger at the Taesong District Forestry Management Station in the capital city of Pyongyang.

  He had long served as an officer of the Korean People's Army. He was discharged from military service more than 10 years ago.
  Back home, he made up his mind to become a ranger tending the green forests, wealth of the country.
  After he became a ranger, Kang studied hard to learn knowledge necessary for planting and cultivating trees. He never gave up studying while making a round trip of 16 kilometres along a mountain path every day. He called at research institutions and advanced units to learn sci-tech problems and experiences in increasing the rooting rate of trees.
  On this basis, he worked hard to create a mixed forest in a rational way, taking into full account the symbiotic relations of trees, the climatic and soil conditions of his region and the purpose of its creation.
  Here is Kang Yong Chol.
  "High is the rooting rate of the trees grown up in their own place. I sowed seeds in the idle land and cultivated the seedlings in that place. And I found that they grew to be bigger and taller than the transplanted trees. It gave me an idea. So, I sowed seeds in idle lands here and there and grew up the seedlings without transplanting."
  He has carefully planted and cultivated trees of good species in this way in the forests under his charge over the past 10 years. He paid deep attention to forest conservation lest even a tree he cultivated with much care should suffer damage. He established a forest fire watch system in accordance with specific conditions and demanded the people strictly keep to the regulations when they enter the mountain.
  Thanks to his devoted efforts for over 10 years, the number of trees increased to form thick forests.
  Kang Yong Chol often tells his children that one cannot tender and protect the forest without the love for the country and the will to live for tomorrow.