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As You Were Born on This Land
  March is meteorologically spring in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It is most suitable for tree planting from the ecological requirement of plants.

  So, in spring, tree planting is active across the country as an all-people campaign.
  Trees are planted according to the park and garden design and the forest design made 10 or 20 years ahead prospectively.
  Park and garden plants are chosen and planted in all parts of the country, which can grow well in the environment of the regions concerned and are of high ornamental value. Tall trees are planted along walkways or around resting facilities such as parks and pleasure grounds so that the people can have a good rest.
  Trees are planted in the direction of rationally creating different forests for raw materials suited to the regional characteristics including the forests for oil and paper materials and the forest of wild fruit trees.

  Saplings are prepared not only at tree nurseries across the country but also at industrial establishments, farms and even yards thanks to the devoted efforts of the officials, working people and school youth and children building up their home villages better.
  In order to make the healthy saplings they cultivated with much effort strike strong roots in the mountains and fields the officials, working people and school youth and children are planting trees according to the scientific and technological requirements at the right time of tree planting suited to the climatic features of their regions. They are planting saplings with sincerity, bearing in mind that it is important to plant many trees but what is more important is to raise the rooting rate of trees by planting them in a qualitative way.
  --Those who were born on this land should make the mountains and fields of the country beautiful and fertile.--
  With such consciousness, they have turned out in the spring tree planting, picturing to themselves the mountains of the country which will become greener in the future.