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Guarantee for Increased Production
  The Mirim Barrage Power Station plays an important role in supplying the electricity badly needed for the capital city construction.

  The power station has carried out its task of power production every year over the past tens of years while solving the problems arising in the operation of the generators with its own efforts.
  What is noteworthy is that the power station has actively accelerated the modernization of the equipment while ensuring the current production by dint of science and technology.
  Officials of the power station became performers in direct charge of the modernization of the equipment and led the old-hand skilled workers and blue-collar workers to have a deep study of science and technology so that the technical innovations could become the work of the masses themselves. They always found themselves on the spot to solve the problems arising in the operation of the generators with responsibility and paid due attention to making the valuable successes achieved in the course of technical innovations prove effective in practice. They have enrolled many workers in the study-while-working education system every year and urged them to raise their technical knowledge and skills.
  In the course, valuable achievements of technical innovations including the digital generator protection device and the program of automatically recording the streamlined production processes have been made to be conducive to increasing the power production.
  This year, the power station has found a guarantee for increased production in science and technology and set more than 10 goals of technical innovations for normal management and technical remodeling of the generating equipment.
  Fresh successes are registered in the production thanks to the devoted efforts of the officials and workers of the power station.