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Hwangju Kindung Waterway
  Hwangju Kindung Waterway is a long gravity-fed irrigation canal built in North Hwanghae Province. It is the sixth one in the history of building large-scale gravity-fed irrigation canals in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  It was inaugurated in December last year.

  Its project started in June Juche 109(2020) to solve the irrigation water problem in the Hwangju Kindung Plain with less water resources and the area around it.
  The completion of the waterway made it possible to fully supply the irrigation water to the Hwangju Kindung Plain and the vast farmlands of Yonthan County from Lake Yonthan with a lot of water.
  Hwangju and Yonthan Counties in North Hwanghae Province, a granary of the country, have been turned into fertile lands which can expect a stable crop yield despite the whims of nature.
  With the establishment of the new large-scale irrigation system, a foundation was laid to boost the grain, vegetable and fruit production without using a lot of electricity and pumping equipment consumed for water pumping power every year.
  The Hwangju Kindung Waterway was built in accordance with the plan and intention of the Workers' Party of Korea which set the completion of the irrigation system as an important matter of the state for the rural development, thus forming another large irrigation network in the western area of the country.