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Like Father, Like Daughter
  Song Song Hui, Manageress of the Pyongyang Optician's, is loved and respected by people along with glasses.

  Her family has formed an unusual relationship with glasses since her father.
  Song Song Hui says:
  "Anti-illiteracy campaign was brisk in our country after liberation. Everyone needed pencil.
  My father Song Tae Gwan was a businessman who produced pencils for the first time in our country true to the intention of the great leader Kim Il Sung."
  In his speech on triumphant return home after national liberation, Kim Il Sung called on those with strength to dedicate their strength, those with knowledge to devote their knowledge and those with money to donate their money for building a new country.
  Informed of it in great excitement, Song Tae Gwan donated to the work for the country a large portion of the assets he had accumulated with strict economy.
  He produced oil paper for seedplot immediately when the country demanded it for introducing cold-bed rice seedlings in the mid-1950s, and built a glass factory when glassware are needed.

  In the early 1980s, he successfully carried out the the task of producing transparent tempered glass needed for manufacturing the torch of the Tower of the Juche Idea by pushing forward with the pilot production continuously despite repeated failures.
  While working at a professional optical glass production unit for a long time, he made sincere efforts to make glasses for the people with poor eyesight.
  Looking back upon those days, Song Song Hui says:
  "I saw in my father the patriotic mind of always thinking of the country before himself.
  I thought that it is my duty to carry forward his spirit."
  Song Song Hui switched her job from a doctor to an expert in glasses true to her father's will. She worked hard to make glasses on a highly qualitative level as demanded by people. She furnished her optician's with modern equipment by herself and rendered services in diverse forms and methods.
  She not only gave kind services to the customers coming to the optician's, but also frequently visited lots of industrial establishments and construction sites across the country including Komdok, Musan, Songnim and Hungnam for mobile services. She even called at the offices of scientists and the studies of writers to test their eyesight.
  While giving on-site services, she worked together with working people and sang songs to give strength and encouragement to them.
  She directed great efforts to the special services for war veterans and honoured disabled soldiers.
  She also gave sincere assistance to the People's Army and major construction sites.
  In the course, she received a doctorate and was honoured to be a Meritorious Person of Socialist Patriotism and awarded official commendations.
  Manageress Song Song Hui is over 70 years old now, but she is devoting her all to the work for the country as ever. Looking at her, people affectionately say; "Like father, like daughter".