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To Make Nice-Looking and Convenient School Things
  The Sonamu School Things Factory produces the "Turumi (Crane)"-trademarked school things.
  Neatly distributed in the factory are modern equipment provided under the care of the Workers' Party of Korea.
  The factory pushes ahead with the production while making an efficient use of the existing production foundation.
  It actively introduces into the production novel ideas conducive to raising the quality of products, lowering the cost and expanding the varieties and directs efforts to improving the technical knowledge and skills of its employees.

  The employees of the factory devote their sincerity to each of the school things from the standpoint that they are mothers before producers. They go out to schools to learn on a regular basis about what colours and shapes of school things the children like, and pool their creative wisdom and passion to make nice-looking and convenient school things including various types of rulers and crayons, scissors, pencil sharpeners and gel ink pens suited to the children's feelings.

  Those school things of different kinds produced by them serve as valuable companions implanting patriotism in the minds of the new generations growing to be masters of the future.