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By Mobilizing the Masses
  The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex is expanding successes in the production through mass technical innovation.
  The officials of the complex have overcome the tendency of regarding the technical development only as a matter of concern of scientists and technicians and consistently push forward with the work to prepare the producer masses with science and technology.
  While conducting the work in various forms and methods, they induce workers to take an active part in the technical innovation group. Good ideas presented by workers were introduced into finding a new method that can repair furnace qualitatively in a short period. At the ammonia synthesis process, a worker presented a novel idea greatly conducive to the ammonia production.
  In the course of the brisk mass technical innovation, the officials highly praise the workers for their valuable inventions and take a number of measures for their preferential treatment. And they generalize good experience and solve difficult problems together with workers.
  In the course, the workers have the habit of valuing time to learn and study a new technology and the production increases day by day.

  The workers of the complex are putting greater spurs to the production to implement the decisions of the Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.