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Like a Gardener
  Before long, the cold winter will give way to the warm spring. The "Spring Garment Exhibition--2024" is near at hand.
  The garment makers across the country are devoting all their wisdom and zeal to their jobs just before the exhibition.
  Cutter Jo Un Ju at the Taesong Tailor's Shop in the capital city of Pyongyang is also busy making clothes to be presented to the exhibition. She had already received the top diploma at the "Autumn Garment Exhibition--2023".
  She created and designed simple yet elegant clothes of new and unique style for women with the combination of various textiles. She was awarded the top diploma in the category of two-piece dress and a diploma in the category of women's overcoat.

  She took part in the competition between garment makers for the first time but drew the attention of the jury and participants as a promising dress designer and cutter.
  Such success was a product of her enthusiasm and a result of her efforts.
  During her university days she had a profound knowledge of garment. While working at a garment technical preparation station after graduation, she created and designed clothes and tried to raise the dress-making technique.
  She made a persistent study of the world trend of attire and drew in her sketchbook the inspirations she had while walking in streets and seeing cloths of new colour and quality.
  In 2022, she became a cutter of the Taesong Tailor's Shop well-known for making good women's clothes.
  It is her attitude of creation that a garment should be made with good combination of proper cloth and colour and fresh cutting line and collar.
  She created different kinds of conspicuous and unique collars and made clothes of various styles with cutting lines according to collars and figures.
  The clothes created and designed by her won popularity of women as they have elegant styles and decorations and combine light and soft colours and different textiles of the same colour to add grace.
  "We, cutters, are like gardeners cultivating flowers, I think. Flowers can grow beautifully when the gardeners devote their sincerity to them. Likewise, better clothes can be made when we put much effort into them.
  I feel a pride of my job, seeing those people who look beautiful in the clothes I designed."
  Thanks to such "gardeners", the dressing culture of Korea is developing day by day and the streets get bright all the more.
  Jo Un Ju distinguished herself at the "Autumn Garment Exhibition--2023" in which she made a debut as a cutter. Her appearance in the "Spring Garment Exhibition--2024" is greatly expected.