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In High Spirits from the Outset of the Year
  Officials and workers of the Musan Mining Complex are making innovative successes in the production of concentrated ore every day in the new year, too, after receiving with great excitement the news of the Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

  The officials of the complex encourage the masses to perform feats so as to revitalize the production at the iron producers this year.
  The rotary drill and excavator operators and blasters find out the methods to raise the working rate of the equipment while saving the materials and accessories and improve the blasting efficiency, making an active contribution to the production.
  The technicians, in particular, always find themselves among the producer masses to explore the reserves for increased production in the existing production processes at the maximum.
  In the course of technical consultation between the technicians and rotary drill operators of the complex, technical innovation proposals are made to optimize different elements and processes including the blasting material ramming and the blast hole boring.
  The drivers have technically updated heavy truck and other vehicles in a rational way with their own efforts and technology, carrying more amount of materials.
  The Musan Mining Complex is making great innovations in the production from the outset of the year by actively enlisting the creative enthusiasm of the producer masses.