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A Talented Artist
  Merited Artist Im Hyok has been working at the Mansudae Art Studio in the capital city of Pyongyang for more than 30 years since he graduated from the Pyongyang University of Fine Arts.

  Now he is a section chief of the Korean Painting Production Unit. He is known as a talented creator.
  He was very fond of drawing from his childhood. Majoring in the Korean painting at the Pyongyang University of Fine Arts, he had a dream to succeed in the Korean painting with a long tradition and loved by the Korean people.
  In his university days, he presented the Korean painting "Thought" to an international fine art exhibition and took the first place, winning a gold medal. Not long after he started his work at the studio he distinguished himself in the creation of the Korean paintings "The Waves of Sea Kumgang" and "Mt. Chilbo in Autumn". Those works of national treasure are well known to the Korean people.
  His creative individuality can be found in applying the modern aesthetic sense to the traditional techniques of the clear, concise and delicate Korean painting.
  He has so far created many masterpieces and travelled different countries for art exchange.
  Many of his works were awarded gold medals at national fine art exhibitions for their true and refined description and profound and elegant colouring. More than 10 pieces of his works including the Korean paintings "Night Advances Along with Meditation" and "Phothae-dong at Dawn" were registered as national possessions.

  Im Hyok is very proud of being an artist of Korean painting.
  It is his goal to create wonderful Korean paintings, a genre of traditional fine arts of the Korean nation.