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They Took the First Step with Confidence
  A journey of the new year has started, which is full of great confidence and infinite enthusiasm for a leap forward to a new victory.
  Workers of the Chollima Steel Complex have turned out in the struggle for hitting the goal of iron and steel production true to the decisions of the Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

  They have made a big stride for advance this year with the enthusiasm to ensure the steel production of the country definitely.
  They accelerated the preparations for tapping while taking foresighted measures to supply a lot of necessary raw materials and refractory in time and strengthen the dovetailing between the processes, thus turning out the first molten iron with success this year.
  They actively introduce rational methods to increase the iron and steel production even in winter and boost the molten iron production by shortening the melting time.
  They also keep close contact between the processes and raise the operating rate of ultra-high power electric arc furnace and continuous casting machine, fulfilling their daily steel ingot production plan without fail.
  -Well begun is half done. As the saying goes, we took a step with confidence in the new year and so the increased steel production of the year is no problem.-
  This is the unanimous idea of workers of the complex who have made the first stride of the new year significantly.