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Devoted Efforts
  A road keeper is one of those people who are loved and respected as Meritorious Persons of Socialist Patriotism.
  She is Workteam Head Ri Myong Ok at the Moranbong District Highway Facilities Management Station who has been devoting her pure conscience to the road administration of the capital city over 20-odd years.

  She is wife of a special-class disabled soldier. For this reason alone, she is entitled to honourable life in our era. But she is devoting her sincere efforts to keeping streets of the capital brighter and clean by pooling the mind of her husband who wants to contribute to the country.
  She also pays deep attention to the life of her workteam members and helps them with sincerity whenever they have troubles. There are many stories about her humanity. She helped a parentless member of her workteam get married and settle down. She also called on the family of a member of her workteam in sickbed late at night along with tonics.
  In the course, the workteam became one of the model units in the field of urban management.
  Whenever people ask her how she could be faithful to her duties, she says that if she contributes her mite to the country, its burden will be lessened.