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With a High Goal
  Researchers of the Dental Hygiene Products Institute of the Pyongyang Dental Hygiene Products Factory are working hard to develop new goods true to the idea and spirit of the Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

  Jon Chol Jin, Director of the Dental Hygiene Products Institute, says:
  "Our institute developed more than 20 dental hygiene products including efficacious toothpaste, gargle and toothbrush in the past.
  Last year alone, we standardized various kinds of dental hygiene products including toothpaste for preventing caries and gargle helpful to improving oral environment of pregnant women and nursing mothers."
  The institute formed a group with able researchers and is actively promoting the development of new products while analysing qualitative indices of toothpaste one by one.
  Researches are intensified to develop various kinds of dental hygiene products including massage toothbrush highly effective for plaque removal and oral cleaning.
  At the same time, another researches are pushed forward to develop natural and multi-functional toothpaste and gargles in keeping with the world trend of development of dental hygiene products.
  Thanks to the efforts of the researchers to hit their high goal, the varieties of dental hygiene products popular among the people are on the increase.