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By Its Own Efforts
  The cocoon production is increasing at all units in the field of sericulture of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Here the silkworm disinfectant producer in Unsan County of South Phyongan Province plays a big role.
  Disinfection is very important in the cocoon production.
  Before the factory was built, necessary disinfectants were imported. But now they are produced with locally available raw materials and homemade equipment. The disinfectants produced by the factory are said to be of good quality.
  Lots of products needed for sericulture are turned out at the disinfectant production processes which were automated ranging from the feeding of raw materials to the packing of products. Those products are used by the cocoon production units across the country.
  Accordingly, the factory directs big efforts to further improving the quality of products.

  All the employees are encouraged to present more than one inventions, of which valuable ones are introduced into production in contact with professional institutions. Recently, a technical innovation was made to modernize the concentration equipment.
  The factory keeps expanding its capacity in the direction of producing a larger amount of goods including different kinds of additives needed for the sericultural sector.