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Profitable Mushroom Cultivation
  Many mushroom producers are actively introducing profitable cultivation methods by relying on science and technology to increase the production.
  The Posong Mushroom Farm directs efforts to technical innovations for increasing the variety of mushrooms and decontaminating substrates.
  The farm bred new varieties soft and convenient for cultivation by relying on its own technical forces and introduced them into production. It applied biological treatment method and physical heat treatment method to decrease the pollution of substrates markedly. It also organized scientific and technological study more than twice a week to improve the technical knowledge and skills of the cultivators so that they could have a correct understanding of mushrooms and grow them in a scientific way.

  As a result, the mushroom output increased 1.6 times as against before.
  The Rangnang Branch of the Munhwa Printing Factory introduces a scientific mushroom production method suited to its actual conditions, getting benefits from it.

  Worker Jong Song Ae says:
  "Our factory is not a professional mushroom producer. So, we had many difficulties in preventing pollution. In order to solve the problem, we studied mushroom-related materials in the sci-tech learning space and found out the zymotechnics which make a lump of substrate itself have defence function.
  We introduced the zymotechnics suited to the actual conditions of the factory into production. As a result, pollution decreased considerably and the success rate of culture reached over 95 percent. In the past, we produced less than one ton of mushrooms a year. But now we are turning out 1 to 1.5 tons a month."

  The production increases on and on and a lot of mushrooms are supplied to the employees on a regular basis.