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Song "March of the Children's Union"
  All members of the Korean Children's Union love and like to sing the song "March of the Children's Union" which was created in Juche 35(1946), the first year of building a new Korea after liberation.
  The song represents the bright and vivacious members of the Korean Children's Union who have vigorously advanced under the guidance of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il like the sunflower following the sun.
  Kim Il Sung brought up the members of the Korean Children's Union as a large contingent of juvenile revolutionaries who carried forward the noble tradition of the Anti-Japanese Children's Corps and thus ushered in a heyday of the children's movement of Korea. Kim Jong Il advanced the slogan "Let us learn for Korea!" and led the Children's Union members to grow stoutly into the future masters.
  Under their loving care the Children's Union members grew to be good sons and daughters of the country with patriotism deep in their hearts.
  Among them are those who formed a children's guerrilla unit to fight bravely and thus contributed to the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War, those who prepared tanks, planes and multiple launch rocket systems named after "Sonyon" (Children) and sent them to the People's Army, those who gave a great help to the socialist construction and the nation's economic life by powerfully conducting the movements for rabbit raising and tree planting, and those who sacrificed themselves to save the forests from fire.
  Such laudable deeds and worthwhile life of numerous Children's Union members have been brilliantly recorded in the 77-year-long history of the Korean Children's Union.
  Today the Children's Union members are vivaciously growing into the future pillars in the loving care of the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un who spares nothing for them but defends their happy laughter and bright future, saying they are treasures that cannot be bartered for a tremendous wealth and the whole of hopes and the future.

  They are vigorously advancing toward a brighter morrow with the pride of growing with nothing to envy in the world, holding Marshal Kim Jong Un in high esteem.
  The song "March of the Children's Union" they sing loudly will resound far and wide on the road of their advance.