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To Improve Practical Ability
  The Construction and Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Pyongyang University of Architecture has put efforts into training talented personnel of practician type, registering a lot of successes.
  Teachers of the faculty direct all their teaching to maximizing the cognitive effect of the students and raising their creative ability. They closely combined the theoretical education with the practical education in order to reduce the disparity in cognition and application of students.

  Teacher Ri Sim Jong says:
  "While making an analysis of the data on the world trend of educational development and intensifying the research into latest literature of a field concerned, we studied a way to maximize the thinking faculty and invention of students. In the course, we manufactured and introduced an experimental apparatus for teaching by ourselves by using the augmented reality technology, which helps the students understand the three-dimensional structure of machines more quickly and easily. It not only improved the cognitive and practical ability of the students greatly, but also made the shapes and styles of the construction machinery to be designed and their designing methods fresh and peculiar. With this as a momentum, the teachers made more strenuous efforts with confidence to create new teaching methods and in the course, they could make significant successes."
  The faculty also manufactured a simulator using the virtual reality technology, so that the students could raise their practical ability and think more creatively while handling it in different situations. As a result, the creativity of the students has been improved and a remarkable progress made in the education.
  The teachers of the faculty have got the experience that they can make a success in training the sci-tech talents when they combine the theoretical education with the practical education and raise the proportion of experiments and practical training so that the students can foster their creative and practical ability to use what they learned.