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To Establish New Treatment Methods
  Medical workers of the Clinical Institute of the Hospital of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences have recently developed new operation methods and introduced them into medical services.
  Section Chief Ri Song Gun says:
  "In the past it was impossible to cure the patients suffering from brachial plexus injury. This time, however, we have established a new operation method for the disease. The introduction of the method has enabled us to improve the rehabilitation of patients whose treatment had been considered to be impossible."

  The institute attached the greatest importance to improving the qualifications of the medical workers.
  It mapped out a concrete plan and made strenuous efforts to establish a new treatment method.
  The medical workers studied the latest data on medicine for more than two hours every day during spare time.
  They selected as the seeds of their study the issue that could make a substantial contribution to the clinical practice and the pressing issue on the treatment of patients.
  They could present new significant proposals one after another as they made researches by combining them with the clinical practice.
  They set a goal and intensified their researches, and deliberated on their promotion collectively.
  In the course of making a scientific analysis of new and innovative proposals for treatment, they found the operation methods that could maximize the curative effect.
  Then, they formed an operating team and gave detailed assignments to its members so that they could fully understand the data on advanced medical science and technology.
  As a result, they succeeded in introducing the new nerve trams foer method into the clinical practice in a short period.
  Recently, they have successfully performed an operation on an emergency case who had met with an accident to recover the latter's physical function.
  Doctor Kim Hye Yon says: 
  "We will, in the future, too, make brisk scientific researches to surpass the world level of advanced operations, actively contributing to the improvement of the people's health."
  They keep making efforts to constantly find new treatment methods and introduce them into practice.