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Homemade Buses Are Running
  "Smart is the new-type double-decker running along the streets of Pyongyang. Really good is the design with a clock on its facade."
  This is part of an e-mail sent by Akira Hoshino of Japan.

  You can see a clock on the facade of the double-decker mentioned by Akira Hoshino.
  It is said to have been conceived by a designer on a cold winter day after seeing a man at a bus station ask the time.
  These new-type buses have been running along the streets of the capital Pyongyang since January, giving pleasure to the people.
  People lavish praises on the buses:
  "I feel at home in the bus."
  "The bus is really good as it is unique and can accommodate many passengers at one time."
  Foreigners, too, are sharing joy with us, expressing their feelings in the e-mails.
  Those buses were made at the Pyongyang Bus Factory last year.
  Some years before, the factory had repaired tram cars and other passenger buses.
  But it is five years ago that the factory was known to the whole country, attracting the people's concern and expectation.
  At that time, the factory made a tram car with its own efforts.
  Looking at the new tram car, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, encouraged the workers of the factory, praising that they had done a really worthwhile and big job for the people.
  The factory buckled down to producing different types of passenger buses with a determination to do a greater number of worthwhile and great undertakings for the people.
  Of course, there were a lot of shortage and difficulties, but all of the employees made demo buses with their concerted efforts.

  It was also Kim Jong Un who saw the model passenger buses before others.
  He got on the buses to learn about their technical specifications in detail. He stressed the need to mass-produce the passenger buses becoming to the city beautification and convenient for the people to use. He also clarified in detail the annual production plan and measures to carry it out.
  The workers of the factory made strenuous efforts again.
  As a result, they could produce such double-deckers.
  The workers of the factory are now working hard to produce a larger number of better buses becoming to the daily-increasing cultural level of the people and the scenery of the capital where new modern streets are built.
  The streets of the capital, where homemade tube train is running under the ground and homemade tram cars and trolley buses on the ground, got brighter along with the new-type double-deckers.

  More wonderful passenger buses of new type made by the Korean workers with their own efforts and technology will run along the streets of the capital Pyongyang.